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Max & Alex. Our Little Pumpkins.

With all the gorgeous goldenrod, wheat grasses and pumpkins of Fall- there is no better time to gather the kiddos and hit the backyard for a photo session. This 70 degree morning was a little warm for wool hats and suede boots, but why have kids if you can’t dress them up! Little do our kids know that the torture is only just beginning… Next up Halloween costumes!



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Max & Pop. He’s a Keeper!

When baby Max arrived into the world at a hefty 8 lbs. 11 oz., my father, better known as Pop, loudly acclaimed, “He’s a keeper!” Yes, my friends, he was making an analogy to catching a nice Walleye. It’s only appropriate that Max have a a fishing themed photo shoot to match his nautical themed nursery as I am sure he will have a pole in the water by age 2… if his Pop has anything to do with it. 


Max Jay. A Baby Is Born.

Hello world! Meet Mr. Max. Born on July 16, 2014, exactly 18 months to-the-day after his sister, Alex, was born. Weighing in at a healthy 8 lbs. 11 oz. and measuring 20 inches long, we almost couldn’t fit him in the scale for his first photo shoot! We are smitten.


Baby Faulkner. Gone Fishing.

Every expecting mother approaches her due date with equal parts excitement and trepidation. We decorate the nursery and fold tiny clothes as we count down the days, then we pack our hospital bags and fantasize about a theatrical rush to the hospital as we count down the hours. However, as I sit writing this post on my due date, I am fairly certain Hollywood will not be asking me for a screenplay. The only sign that baby Max will soon be here is that his nursery is complete!

There was no need to browse Pinterest boards or Houzz for decoration inspiration on this one. Once it was confirmed we were having a boy, there was no doubt I would be incorporating some of my husband’s and my Dad’s vintage fishing gear, which had been handed down for many generations. I love the way everything came together to provide just enough eclectic appeal that the room didn’t become too themed or predictable.

When designing and decorating a space, it is just as important (if not more important) to incorporate the things you love and the pieces that have meaning as it is to make your room aesthetically appealing. Try to blend the new and the old with the store-bought and the hand-crafted to make your space unique and comfortable.

In Max’s nursery- a 1950’s fishing reel and vintage steel fishing pole, blue Mason jars from our wedding filled with our daughter’s play sand, various antique crates from Ohio companies with painted blue interiors, paper mache letters from Joann Fabric decoupaged with a nautical map of a lake where we vacation, a book ironically titled Max the Minnow from first cousins, buoys from a second-hand store, a burlap frame with a glued-on clothespin to hold a fitting quote printed on card stock, a blue wooden fish from Wayfair, a crib and dresser from Baby Depot, a pillow from Mimi and a tongue-in-cheek plaque on the diaper basket that reads “POOP DECK” (which is a nautical term referring to the stern of a ship).

Now all we are missing is baby Max. I hope he doesn’t come tonight though because his Dad and his Grandfather, Pop, just happen to be fishing.



  • Rene` Johnston - The nursery that you have created with love for Max is just beautiful. I adore that you used the vintage fishing gear from your family. That makes it so special. I cannot wait to meet Max and his big sister Alex June. xo your 2nd cousin.ReplyCancel

Alex June. One & A Half.

I used to scoff at parents who provided their kids ages in months after the age of one year, but now that I am a parent myself I finally get it. You see- there is as big of a difference between a one year old and 18 mo. old as a 21 year old and a 30 year old, if not more. In our case, a lot more! Not only is our daughter, Alex, embarking on the big 18 mo. milestone, but we are also expecting baby number two, Mr. Max, any day now! What better place to document her age than in her newly decorated room, a special place where this toddler will quickly grow into a big girl. Thankfully, on this day, I was able to stop time for but a brief moment. 


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  • Amanda Liebert - Oh my how that little baby has grown. Brought a tear to my eye to see her in a big girl bed. and, Alison, you are now hired to help me transition Amity. Her room is so beautiful!ReplyCancel

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