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Baby Faulkner. Gone Fishing.

Every expecting mother approaches her due date with equal parts excitement and trepidation. We decorate the nursery and fold tiny clothes as we count down the days, then we pack our hospital bags and fantasize about a theatrical rush to the hospital as we count down the hours. However, as I sit writing this post on my due date, I am fairly certain Hollywood will not be asking me for a screenplay. The only sign that baby Max will soon be here is that his nursery is complete!

There was no need to browse Pinterest boards or Houzz for decoration inspiration on this one. Once it was confirmed we were having a boy, there was no doubt I would be incorporating some of my husband’s and my Dad’s vintage fishing gear, which had been handed down for many generations. I love the way everything came together to provide just enough eclectic appeal that the room didn’t become too themed or predictable.

When designing and decorating a space, it is just as important (if not more important) to incorporate the things you love and the pieces that have meaning as it is to make your room aesthetically appealing. Try to blend the new and the old with the store-bought and the hand-crafted to make your space unique and comfortable.

In Max’s nursery- a 1950′s fishing reel and vintage steel fishing pole, blue Mason jars from our wedding filled with our daughter’s play sand, various antique crates from Ohio companies with painted blue interiors, paper mache letters from Joann Fabric decoupaged with a nautical map of a lake where we vacation, a book ironically titled Max the Minnow from first cousins, buoys from a second-hand store, a burlap frame with a glued-on clothespin to hold a fitting quote printed on card stock, a blue wooden fish from Wayfair, a crib and dresser from Baby Depot, a pillow from Mimi and a tongue-in-cheek plaque on the diaper basket that reads “POOP DECK” (which is a nautical term referring to the stern of a ship).

Now all we are missing is baby Max. I hope he doesn’t come tonight though because his Dad and his Grandfather, Pop, just happen to be fishing.



  • Rene` Johnston - The nursery that you have created with love for Max is just beautiful. I adore that you used the vintage fishing gear from your family. That makes it so special. I cannot wait to meet Max and his big sister Alex June. xo your 2nd cousin.ReplyCancel

Alex June. One & A Half.

I used to scoff at parents who provided their kids ages in months after the age of one year, but now that I am a parent myself I finally get it. You see- there is as big of a difference between a one year old and 18 mo. old as a 21 year old and a 30 year old, if not more. In our case, a lot more! Not only is our daughter, Alex, embarking on the big 18 mo. milestone, but we are also expecting baby number two, Mr. Max, any day now! What better place to document her age than in her newly decorated room, a special place where this toddler will quickly grow into a big girl. Thankfully, on this day, I was able to stop time for but a brief moment. 


  • Sheryl (Mimi) Hickman - So happy to have a photographer in the family so we can remember each and every stage of our grand children’s growth. Thanks Alison for doing such an amazing job of capturing their personalities.ReplyCancel

  • Amanda Liebert - Oh my how that little baby has grown. Brought a tear to my eye to see her in a big girl bed. and, Alison, you are now hired to help me transition Amity. Her room is so beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Rene` - Alex June’s big girl bedroom is beautiful which is fitting for your gorgeous angel.ReplyCancel

Lilah Grace. Ale 8 One, Please.

For those of you who grew up in  Indiana, Ohio, or especially Kentucky- you are no stranger to Ale 8 One soda. For Lilah’s most recent mini-lifestyle session, we decided to honor her roots and photograph her with the natives’ drink of choice. All the wee-ones in her family have been photographed with Ale 8 for years for laughs; I’m proud to add these photos to the fun family album! Can’t you just ‘drink’ her up!



The Sundbye Family. A Playdate In The Park.

My photo session with the Sundbye family felt more like a fun playdate in the park than a day on the job. We met at the breathtakingly beautiful Sharon Woods Park which abounds with waterfalls, historical buildings, playgrounds, bridges, and miles of trails.  As you can probably tell by the numerous images below- the photo opportunities were endless.  We were able to capture the immediate family, the extended family (including Grandpa Don and Aunt LaLa), individuals of all four kids, 18 mo. milestone shots of little Ms. Harper and some casual shots of the kiddos enjoying the playground. If the sun would have stayed up any longer, I’m sure we could have done even more as these kids were angels. Not only are they well-behaved, respectful and sweet, but they are also a boat load of fun! 





Amity Mae. No Place I’d Rather Be.

Meet Ms. Amity Mae, my 6 mo. old niece, whom I have the pleasure of photographing every chance I get! This mini-session was quite unique, as we were celebrating her 6 mo. milestone. She began sitting up on her own and reaching for anything and everything shortly before this session, which made for some fun photo opportunities. We started the session in the nursery that our parents lovingly made for the girls before venturing outside into the garden and shooting on a quilt that belonged to our late grandmother. I love knowing how special it will be to look back on these images someday, recalling the sentimental value of the places and things used and just how tiny this precious little girl was. For that reason, there is no place I’d have rather been than here on this beautiful Sunday afternoon.



I rarely include the behind the scenes and/or blooper pics on the blog, but I just couldn’t resist this time. Our daughter, Alex (16 mo.), thought she’d teach her cousin Amity the ropes of a photo shoot. After all, she has been the subject of quite a few.:) As for Mimi, she can’t resist loving on these two for more than a couple minutes!