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Amity & Alex | Bloomington Indiana Children’s Photographer

Using a Simple Prop to Tell the Story of Generations.

As a Bloomington Indiana children’s photographer, I find myself scanning the many antique malls for old wagons, getting out the sewing machine to make pendant flags, or going to ol’ faithful, Pinterest, to come up with ideas for photo shoots. After searching high and low for ideas to make my daughter’s and my niece’s photo shoot extra special, it struck me that it had been sitting in my kitchen all along.

Meet The Yellow Stool– easily comparable to the Billy Baroo, the My Precious, or the proverbial Red Ryder BB Gun! Growing up with only one yellow stool and six grandchildren, this single piece of furniture was the root cause of countless fights surrounding my grandmother’s kitchen table. Being the youngest (and the most pitied), I was usually crowned queen of The Yellow Stool since I actually needed the boost.

My grandfather and grandmother recently moved into a retirement community, and I inherited the famed Yellow Stool.  As much as I wanted to keep it and the bragging rights all to myself, I decided to let the legacy live on through all of mine and my cousins’ combined eight children. True to tradition, Amity and Alex fought over the stool throughout this entire photo shoot. Amity won. After all, she is younger.

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Indiana Children Indiana Children

Indiana Children Indiana Children

Image by Alison | Indiana Maternity Photographer

Testing Old Wives Tales to Determine Unknown Gender.

Meet Phil and Amanda. Our wonderful neighbors who decided, much to this Indiana maternity photographer’s dismay, that they are not going to find out the gender of their first baby! I tried to feel them out during this maternity photography session to see if they knew and were keeping a HUGE secret. Jury says nobody knows, but I have a feeling Jack the Jack Russell is hiding something. Can you see it in his eyes? We tested a couple of old wives theories, such as carrying high versus low, carrying in the front versus the back, seeing which way the ring twirled on a string, and more. I suppose we’ll know if the tests were accurate in approximately 28 days, 4 hours, and 31 minutes… that is if Amanda’s due date holds true. Until then, this experienced gender guessing Indiana maternity photographer says boy. No girl. Wait. Boy. I meant girl.

Indiana Maternity Photography

2012_02_Lancaster_Pregnancy__359 2012_02_Lancaster_Pregnancy__278 - Version 2 2012_02_Lancaster_Pregnancy__325 2012_02_Lancaster_Pregnancy__365 - Version 2





Image by Alison | Indiana Children’s Photographer

Simple Props Make this Kissing Booth Worth Every Penny.

I’m so lucky to be the Indiana Children’s photographer chosen to do Ms. Lilah’s mini-sessions every month. The holiday sessions are especially fun as I can be a bit of a propaholic. If I had a quarter for every time I ever thought, This is the best set-up I’ve ever done!, I’d be rich. And if Lilah got a penny for every kiss that her Grandmother stole in this session, her jar would runneth over!

For this set-up, I turned over two milk crates to create my booth’s base and tied some scrap fabric to a thick cotton string to create the garland that is draped over it. I then pulled down a curtain rod and separated the two parts to create my posts for each end. Lastly, I cut stock craft paper pendants to size, punched holes in the ends, connected each with baker’s twine and used thin pink washi tape to form the letters. The only thing missing was a little girl we like to call Lilah-bug. Happy Valentine’s Day!  2015_02_Lilah-8 2015_02_Lilah-6




Image by Alison | Bloomington Indiana Family Photographer

Setting the Scene for Christmas Cards that Even Santa would Appreciate.

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and is settling into a Happy, Happy New Year! I wanted to share my quirky 2014 holiday card with everyone before we get too far in to 2015. I’m not sure if this Bloomington Indiana Family Photographer had more fun photographing the kids, writing the ridiculous poem or designing the cards. I sealed the envelopes with black and white striped kashi tape and a red rubber stamp reading, “Dear Santa I Can Explain,” before hitting the post office the night before Christmas Eve, not a minute too soon.

2015-01-14_0001 2015-01-14_0002

I wish I could have used all of the photos… but it gets fairly expensive to send photo albums to everyone on the list!:)

2015-01-14_0004 2015-01-14_0005 2015-01-14_0003

Image by Alison | Indiana Family Photographer

A Family of Five Welcomes Their New Addition Just in Time for Christmas.

Meet one-month-young Hadley. The newest addition to this lovely family of five. Can you believe the head of hair this baby has? In all my years as an Indiana family photographer, I’ve never seen anything like it. Abby and Pete said it could even be seen in the ultrasound! After photographing Ms. Hadley in her newly-decorated pink and navy nursery, Harper and Cole were excited to show us their rooms, too. We decided to photograph each child in their own special space before taking some traditional family photos on the hearth. Just when the Johnstons thought the days leading up to Christmas could not be any more magical… then there was Hadley. To my dear friend Abby, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and ALL of yours!

2014-12-29_0003 2014-12-29_0001 2014-12-29_0004 2014-12-29_0002 2014-12-29_0005 2014-12-29_0006 2014-12-29_0007 2014-12-29_0008 2014-12-29_0010 2014-12-29_0011 2014-12-29_0009

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